January 18, 2020
Baryn Futa strongly believes that that art is a key component of any society and a snapshot of a particular moment in time that any future generation can look at to find out where they came from. That is why every society should support and protect art to the best of its ability. The fact that art is too often taken for granted is the one thing that drives Baryn Futa's extensive work in the arts, as both a lover of and investor in the arts.

Because he feels that brilliant artists fail to see adequate appreciation that drives Baryn Futa to do everything possible to alleviate that situation. He has attended numerous arts classes and he even became an art collector and investor, and why he is an important member of a number of highly regarded art museums, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and The Jewish Museum. Through his patronage o the arts, Baryn Futa truly hopes that he is able to preserve art for the ages.
July 20, 2019
Support for the high arts is dwindling, and it has been for a significant amount of time. Society can blame lack of education across public schools or a push for more technology in communities over high art forms; truly, however, society must look inward for the diminishing support high art currently receives. Art appreciator and benefactor Baryn Futa knows this too well and recognizes the struggles many artists and art exhibitionists face because of this vast blanket of decreased financial assistance.

Baryn Futa has long appreciated the high arts -- the more unique and creative pieces within the realm of fine arts and the ones that carry a bit more value as well as ability to be thought provoking. Futa has had the pleasure of supporting many artists and art museums as they showcase these kinds of works. But he also acknowledges the greater lack of community support that they regularly receive, noting that society as a whole must step up if high art is to excel, thrive or even become financially possible in the years and decades to come.